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Riding To The Apple Festival In an Airship

Meet Eric Steele and Lisbeth

The low hum of the airship engines filled the plush, marble bathroom. The Mortenson truly is a plush way to travel the skies. Eric Steele washed his face, lit a cigarette, and looked out the slated aluminum shades at the aft engine. Running lights from the rear blinked, a twilight sunset, grandiose in the midwestern sky. A small layer of clouds wisped below like tiny specters. The Mortenson, an airship zeppelin, seemed to be moving very slow, but he knew the apparent lack of speed was deceiving. Soon, he and Lisbeth, his 17 year old companion, and newly minted Supernal, would be at Portwind. From there, they would make the Willow Haven Apple Festival. Hopefully, Saul would be there. He had not seen Saul for a very long time. They split up after defeating Scarecrow and his maniacal corporation. Since then, new enemies have shown themselves. And with Michael sick, and this new generation of Supernals not knowing what they are doing…

Well, Eric worried. It was all on him now…



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