Eric Steele

In 2024, Eric Steele was 24 years old when the world went to hell. That was the night, October 24, 2024, when The Becoming swept the globe. Before meeting Michael and being fully initiated as a Supernal, he and his friend, Saul Stockholm, battled Nahgrimm, The Necromancer, in their home town of Willow Haven. Nahgrimm was attempting to open the Soul Gate, a device found, exhumed, and taken by Saul Stockholm’s father, Professor Nigel Stockholm, head of the archeology department of Blackthorne University. Nahgrimm succeeded in opening the Soul Gate, and bringing an undead army to bear down on Willow Haven on October 31, 2024. The city burned. Professor Nigel Stockholm was killed in the struggle, but not before he gave Eric and Saul the keys to the Soul Vault, where they discovered a cache of enchanted artifacts, including weapons. Eric armed himself with the Soul Reaver, a strange black sword resembling a katana, only more exotic. Saul took to the Soulspear, a long polearm said to come from the mysterious netherworld of Nod. They also found the Supernal Codex, strange writings collected over centuries that described the super human beings that could defeat the demonic incursion that would rain down with the Becoming.
Armed with their new weapons, they did battle with Nahgrimm and Kithbad, his Lich underling. The necromancer nearly won, but Eric’s own Supernal abilities awakended, and a flash of Eldritch energy errupted over the necromancer, giving Saul an opening to shove the Soulspear into Nahgrimm. Nahgrimm died, but not before sending Dark Energy of the Abyss into Saul Stockholm, turning him into a Vampire. For several years after the Battle of Willow Haven, Saul Stockholm roamed the midwest countryside as an evil vampire lord, taunting his friend Eric Steele and forming the Golgatha Alliance.
Ten years later, Elowen Marks, broke the vampiric curse. While still a vampire, Saul Stockholm has joined the Supernals and is very apologetic for his misdeeds.
Eric Steele was born in the year 2000 and had a number of odd jobs growing up. The only time he ever left Willow Haven, his boyhood home, was for a brief stint in the military. He was wounded overseas and returned, virtually unchanged. In time, even his limp went away. All Eric’s life, he knew he was different. He could always see shadow people, or “those not spoken of.” Father Hemingway called these shadow things, shadows overlapping from a parallel world. Little did either of them know at the time that these things were actually fleeting glimpses at our inter-dimensional foes. Foes which would ultimately invade our world and attempt to eat our souls.
After Eric Steele’s Supernal abilities awoken (post battle with Nahgrimm), a mysterious figure named Michael recruited him into a cell of Supernals called The Dawnbringers. Actually, Eric was originally chosen to lead this new cell to battle the forces of darkness. However, it took much longer for Eric Steele to develop his abilities than Michael had hoped. He and the Watchers had been following Eric for some time. Well before The Becoming. Michael and the Elder Watchers pegged Eric as a quick study—it was perhaps Eric’s preoccupation with his boyhood friend’s vampirism that slowed his development. At any rate, Corey Hart (not the singer!) ended up leading The Dawnbringers, and Eric eventually ended up quitting five years later.
Currently, Eric Steele and Corey Hart are the only two of the original Dawnbringers who are still living, the other’s having perished battling the forces of darkness.
Eric has traveled over the last few years with different Supernal cells, but largely tries to go it as a lone wolf. Currently, he and Michael are on the outs, but the Watchers still watch Eric very carefully—as no doubt they have more in store for him.
For the last six months, a seventeen year old girl named Lisbeth Anders has been traveling by his side. He met her outside the Chicago Wastes at a nightclub. She exhibited certain powers he found intriguing.
He secretly harbors a longing that they become lovers.